9 non-touristy things to do and see in Los Angeles

Take the Metro Blue Line from 7th/Metro to Long Beach

Non-touristy things to do in Los Angeles
At the end of the Blue Line is Long Beach. The Long Beach Convention Center – seen here – is within walking distance from the last train station.

This suggestion may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for the same reason it’s worthwhile: it goes through some the more impoverished, less-developed areas in the county.

From 7th and Metro, a one-way trip on this line takes an hour and passes through some cities with formerly notorious reputations, such as Compton.

But really, it’s not so bad. More than anything, it equips riders with a broader picture of Los Angeles and a live view of the significant disparity between cities in the area: it’s not all as glamorous as Rodeo Drive.

If safety is a concern, I haven’t had any problems taking this line down and up. I haven’t been approached in a harassing manner at all. But of course, proceed with caution and at your own risk. As always, it’s helpful to travel with another person/multiple people.

A Metro day pass costs $7, and it’s well worth it for those who are open to observing the less pretty areas of LA County.

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