A big batch of banana bread

When you live among 15 to 20 people in one house, food prep takes a huge chunk of time.

One day, I helped bake multiple loaves of banana bread. The recipe called for 16 cups of flour.

1 - bananabread
My work station that morning
2 - bananabread
16 cups of flour in a HUGE bowl!
3 - bananabread
Baking pans
4 - bananabread
Mixed batter
5 - bananabread
Some of the final product

Up to this point, that was the biggest recipe I’ve ever followed and completed. Phew! But it turned out quite delicious 🙂 Hacida even let me have the recipe (though I have to scale it down drastically).

One thing I learned from this is that mixing banana bread batter requires a good amount of arm strength. I even used the hand blender to mix it, but it kept stopping so it took the whole morning to finish this up.

After completing this, I took an on-and-off nap, and then chopped lettuce for our chicken Caesar salad dinner.

Also had a glass of chocolate “prairie dairy,” aka goat milk. It tasted so pleasantly fresh,  much better than milk from grocery stores.

1 - prairiedairy

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