A cost-efficient way to wash dishes for big families

At Little Mountain Farm, washing dishes is a three-step process:

0 - dishes

1 - dishes
1. Quick rinse
2 - dishes
2. Scrub dishes with a soapy sponge
3 - dishes
3. A second and final rinse

I invested a good amount of time doing dishes during my stay in Winnipeg, but it wasn’t too bad because most of the time I had help from other members.

Anyway, I spent day three with the Twelve Tribe community in Winnipeg at the house on Sturgeon Road. The whole morning was dedicated dicing cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner. I have to say it was far from an easy task :/ I immediately gained a huge appreciation for people who can dice quickly.

Anyhow, I talked to an older lady named Abigail a lot. She’s Benyamin’s grandmother, and baby Daniel’s great grandmother. She told me an endless amount of stories about the Twelve Tribes and explained that the men wear headbands because the Bible talks about being crowned.

Abigail was really sweet and told me to make myself at home. Usually, when someone says that, it means “make yourself comfortable,” right? Well, while Abigail meant that, she also meant it in a more literal sense. As in, clean-up-after-everyone-and-look-out-for-everyone-like-you-would-in-your-own-home. I was a guest, but they weren’t going to serve me everything on a silver platter. I quickly adjusted and learned to lend both my hands to food preparation and cleaning.

Lunch consisted of leftover casserole, rice, and salad. I poured olive oil over my salad 🙂

More dicing commenced in the mid-afternoon. This time, I worked on onions (for chili at dinner) and tomatoes (again).

At the gathering that night, Abigail said she was thankful I helped chopped food, but also because I asked a multitude of questions about their faith and because I shared my thoughts about life. While the environment was still strange to me, that feeling was mitigated because they seemed genuinely happy to have me there.

For dinner we had chili, corn chips, and salad. I also had kombucha (made by a woman named Shoshanna) and Brazilian green tea because I was still feeling a sick bug. Shoshanna suggested ginger and lemon with honey, as it gets rid of colds quickly.

I would have some ginger to chew on the next morning.

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