A day in Wilmington

10 - wilmington

There’s a certain charm to the city of Wilmington.

I’m not sure what it is, though…

Maybe it’s the small town feel.

Or its seemingly humble character.

Or the how people seem relaxed, laid back, and friendly.

But whatever it is, I like it.

Wilmington made its way to my North Carolina itinerary because it’s primarily where the television series “One Tree Hill” was shot. I didn’t finish the entire show, but it was heartwarming and I enjoyed it for the few seasons I kept up with it. So I thought it would be cool to do a photo scavenger hunt, kind of like the one I did in LA for the “(500) Days of Summer” movie.

That was the final highlight of my time in North Carolina.

But I did get to see some more cool colorful houses and wrapped up the day with some sushi.

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