A day trip to Baguio

A rough cost breakdown

This trip was convenient mainly because my family has a car. However, those without such access can also opt to rent one or take a bus and spend a night or so there. During off-season, three-star hotels can start as low as P3,000/night.

Overall, a moderate budget for a 5-person group day trip to Baguio should cost around P3,000 (or about $70).

Gas (assuming a round trip of 120 liters at P40/liter, split between five people) = P960
Food (3 meals x P300) = P900
Activities = P500
Packaged food, snacks, other local purchases = P600
TOTAL = 2,960 ($68)

Should you choose to stay overnight, the following additional costs will apply:

Accommodations (three-star hotel at about P3,000/night, split between five people) = P600
Food (P300 per meal; assume two meals) = P600
TOTAL = P1,200 ($28)

GRAND TOTAL = P4,160 ($95)

Expect a day trip to run approximately 18 to 19 hours long, but it’ll be completely worth it πŸ™‚

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