A further look into local life: Cavite, Philippines


1 - palengke

The palengke, or “local market,” is where residents go to for fresh food, clothes, toys, and an array of other items.

I visited the palengke in Indang, Cavite, which is held every Wednesday and Saturday morning. It’s most crowded on Saturday mornings, both with customers and with tricycles and jeepneys bringing people inside the market.

Merchandise is cheaper at the palengke compared to malls, although they’re not necessarily of equal quality. This isn’t to say quality is always poorer, but it certainly isn’t top-notch. Even though the market boasts more affordable items, Filipinos will still haggle at the market if they would like a lower price.

Food is usually on the fresher side, with items like fish alive at the time of purchase. Meat is hung up on display and fruits and vegetables are laid out on tables. Cooked goods, such as pancit and arroz caldo, are also found.

The palengke can be a chaotic environment, but it’s an inexpensive way to go about trying Filipino food, desserts, produce, and almost whatever else is needed at home.

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