A new friend in Banff

Samesun is a pretty nice hostel. I would definitely stay there again. For one thing, the room I stayed in had its own bathroom. That is waaaaaay better than the typical hostel bathroom situation where everyone on the same floor has to share a few toilets/showers.

Also, there’s free breakfast 🙂

The morning after I hiked Tunnel Mountain, I went to the bar (where breakfast is served). Besides the complimentary muffins, fruits, pancakes, coffee, orange juice, and water, I noticed a familiar face sitting solo at one of the round tables: it was that guy I had seen in the common area and kitchen the day before. I must have had seen him three times in the last 36 hours, so I approached him and asked if I could sit with him.

Benny, from Germany, studied media at his university. His accent was nearly identical to the one Andrea (who I met at the Damali Lavender farm) had. (I point this out because I’d met several Germans throughout my journey at this point, many of whom had various accents.) He was working as a dishwasher at a steakhouse in Banff at the time and was in the process of relocating from the hostel to staff accommodations a few blocks away. But what stood out to me about Ben is that he also blogs! (You can read his writing at http://redmapleleafblog.wordpress.com.) What’s even more impressive is that he writes his entries in English AND German. To communicate in writing in multiple languages is really something. We exchanged contact info, in addition to blog URLs, and still exchange messages periodically. (He’s also been commenting on my posts recently 😛 He goes by Benny)

After meeting Benny, I wanted to walk all around Banff, but I only brought one bottle of water with me and grew tired after walking for two hours in the ridiculously hot afternoon heat.

1 - bow-river-banff
Bow River, Banff, AB
2 - bow-river-banff
Bow River, Banff, AB
3 - bow-river-banff
Bridge across the Bow River, Banff, AB
4 - banff
Snapshot during a walk through Banff

5 - banff 6 - banff

10 - banff
Bow Bridge
7 - banff
Wider shot of the Bow Bridge
8 - banff
On the way to Surprise Corner Viewpoint.
9 - banff
This is what was waiting at Surprise Corner Viewpoint – a distant view of the historic Banff Springs Hotel. I had to zoom in significantly to get this shot.

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