Destination appreciation: The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California

Americana at Brand

In the City of Glendale, there’s no better place to indulge in consumer culture than The Americana at Brand. (Well, there’s also the Glendale Galleria, but that’s another topic of discussion.)

This outdoor mall in Glendale, California offers a dangerous environment that makes it tempting to spend on anything and everything. But even if you don’t have much – or anything – to spend, if it’s not too crowded, The Americana is a nice place to walk around, window shop, grab a small bite to eat, and/or sip on some tea or coffee at the Barnes & Noble balcony on the third floor. And if you like taking photos (like me), there’s a lot of opportunity for that as well.

Americana at Brand

I was in awe at with how beautiful this place was the first time I visited. Since then, I’ve come back more than a handful of times in the past several years and have come to take it for granted. But when I went around to snap some shots for fun, I gained a renewed appreciation for the place. I mean, really, how great is it to be able to go to an outdoor mall like The Americana and simply experience the vibe?

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