Destination appreciation: Angels Gate & Point Fermin Park

Angels Gate, Point Fermin Park
Point Fermin Park, San Pedro, at sunset.

The Central Coast might be three hours north of Los Angeles, but there’s a way to get the vibe of that region without going too far.

In San Pedro, it’s incredible how it hardly feels like the City of Angels. It’s easy to mistake it as a place in Santa Barbara or even somewhere in Northern California.

Angels Gate Park and Point Fermin Park are two highlights of the area. At Angels Gate, there’s the Korean Friendship Bell, which was donated to Los Angeles by the Republic of Korea in 1976 and represents the friendship between the United States and Korea. At Point Fermin Park, the historic Point Fermin Lighthouse, which was the first navigational light for the San Pedro Bay, is on site. Free tours are offered to the public from Tuesday through Sunday. (More info on tour times is available here.) And, fun fact: the lighthouse was featured in the movie 500 Days of Summer!

Because the parks are within walking distance of each other, it’s easy to combine an afternoon between both locations. They’re perfect places to enjoy a pleasant breeze, fly kites (at Angels Gate), picnic, take a leisurely walk, take photos, and learn about history.

Angels Gate, Point Fermin Park

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