Awkward sleeping arrangements

Jeff picked us up in an old, family-sized van. Another WWOOFer (a term used to refer to volunteers through the WWOOF program) named Tamara was sitting shotgun with her baby. The back was spacious but there weren’t any seats, so Phil and I sat on the floor of the vehicle, which was a bit dusty. Some of Jeff’s sons were there as well.

There were hardly any sidewalks along the road on the way to Highwater. The grass on the farm was much higher than grass on lawns in Los Angeles.

In arranging our stay I had spoken with Danielle, Jeff’s wife, who agreed to have us for two weeks and explained our accommodations. She said the barn was available to sleep in, as well as a trailer. What came to mind with the word “trailer” was an RV, so I agreed to take the trailer.

But then I was introduced to my sleeping area for the next two weeks:

1 - trailer

The trailer was 10 feet long and had no running water or heat. I was a bit shocked because it was not what I had expected.

Inside, this is what my bed looked like:

1 - bed

What in the world had I signed up for?

But I was already there and had already agreed to help out for two weeks. I just had to get used to it for that time period. It wouldn’t be forever.

After a brief tour around some of the farm, the barn, and a quick look into Danielle’s home (all of which were on the farm), I crawled into the trailer and dozed off. The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself curled tightly under a dark blue fleece blanket I had brought with me and sunlight piercing through the windows of the trailer.

I had slept through the night without even eating dinner :/ But I was ready to start the day, doing whatever it is that’s required to maintain organic crops.

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