Bees and rabbit meat

After coming back from Vancouver we met a man (whose name I regretfully forgot) who sells raw unfiltered honey at the Seedro Woolley Farmer’s Market. Some of his honeycomb boxes were kept at Highwater.

He showed us some of the bees in the boxes. He also explained that honey cannot be organic because it’s impossible to tell if bees collect pollen from organic flowers (unless maybe bees are kept in a controlled environment).

At the market, he sold one of his jars of honey for $6, but he gave it to me for $5 just because we had met previously 🙂

1 - honey

That week we also had rabbit for lunch. Food at the farm was always pleasantly fresh.

1 - rabbitmeat

1 - organicfood
(To the right is Danielle’s son, Teagan, photo bombing :P)

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