BLOOM: an interactive pop-up art show coming to Los Angeles

BLOOM Art Show, Los Angeles

In April I received an invitation to check out a media preview for a new interactive pop-up art show called BLOOM. Since it was taking place at Griffith Park in Los Angeles and because this year is the first time the show is going to take place, I was really excited to learn more about this new event right in my backyard.

The inspiration behind BLOOM came from a hanging flower installation by artist Rebecca Louise Law. BLOOM founder Stephanie, along with her friend April, had previously seen the installation and thought it was beautiful, but spectators were not allowed to touch it or walk through it because of the fragility of the art. From there, she and April began brainstorming about creating art that could be both beautiful and interactive.

From there, BLOOM was born.BLOOM Art Show, Los Angeles

The media preview took place on a weekend in April and it showcased about 60 percent of the exhibits that will be there in June, according to Steph. Some of the my favorites included a bathtub filled with lavender that you can soak yourself in and jumbo-sized dandelions. Every piece makes for a great photo opportunity.

I took tons of photos on my phone that Saturday, but before I got around to transferring them to my computer and uploading them on Instagram, an issue came up and it wouldn’t turn on. The bulk of my photos were lost along with the phone. But fortunately, I managed to salvage two: the featured image on this post and this one below:

BLOOM Art Show, Los Angeles

I also happened to snap pictures of the BLOOM sign (above) and the chair decorated with flowers (below) with a separate camera.

One of my favorite things about BLOOM is that it has partnered with a nonprofit honeybee conservation organization called Honeylove, which aims to protect honeybees. During the preview, I bought a couple of honey sticks and a bar of honey soap.

BLOOM takes place this year on June 22, 23 and 24.

In addition to the interactive exhibits, BLOOM Art Show will also feature workshops, face painting, food trucks, and live music.

Click here to learn more about BLOOM and if you’re interested in attending, you can click here to purchase tickets to the event.

You can learn more about The Valley Hive by clicking here.

(P.S. BLOOM will be coming to Orange County next!)

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