Trains don’t come through the Boise Depot anymore, but people still can

Boise Depot

The Boise Union Pacific Depot (also known as the Boise Depot) is a former train station in Boise. It’s one of the city’s most prominent landmarks and is an intriguing site to visit where you can learn a little about the city’s history.

I arrived at the Boise Depot on an afternoon that it was closed, but I was still able to view it from the outside. (When it’s open, you can go up the bell tower to view the city from there.) It’s a beautiful Spanish-style structure that reminded me of Union Station in Los Angeles.

Boise Depot

Built in 1925, the Boise Depot saw six passenger trains pass through on a daily basis by 1948. By 1997, its last passenger train rolled out of the station.

Behind the building, you can walk out on the train tracks and see Union Pacific #2295, a train also known as “Big Mike.” It served Union Pacific for 39 years, was retired in 1959 and was donated to the City of Boise.

Boise Depot Boise Depot Boise Depot
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The Boise Depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Today, it’s a popular venue for special events (including weddings), community events, receptions and parties.

Apart from the building’s historic significance, two of my favorite features of the depot are the Platt Gardens and the view of Boise’s skyline. In the gardens, there’s a koi pond, a gazebo and pathways where you can take a leisurely stroll. It’s also nice to appreciate the panoramic views from the depot.

Boise Depot Boise Depot Boise Depot

If you’re interested in more information about the Boise Depot, click here. If you can make some time to swing by, I’d strongly suggest doing so! It’s an interesting place to learn about a slice of Boise’s history, and it’s pretty cool to experience the former station where passengers used to board trains in the city just decades ago.

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  1. Another excellent post – this one brings back fond memories – I’ve been a ‘train guy’ for years so anything train related is really cool- thanks Agnes!

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