Boston and beyond

Part of the reason I love Boston is that it is so rich with history. But America’s roots extend miles beyond the city, all the way to Lexington and Concord.

I took a tour of Lexington on my last day in the city via Liberty Ride. It was advertised as a 90-minute tour, but the nice thing was you could get off at the stops and spend more than an hour exploring the point of interest.

I got off at two stops: one where there was a multimedia presentation of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and one where there was a live demonstration of how to fire a musket.

A patriotic feeling took over as I walked through the pathway that soldiers marched on hundreds of years between Concord and Lexington. It was strange and funny. (But I also kept in mind that it may not be entirely accurate, where the path was, as I had overheard that the Boston Massacre did not occur where the mark on the Freedom Trail is, and as I read that the tombstones at Granary Burial Ground are not directly above the respective bodies indicated. A lot has changed, so the specifics aren’t necessarily accurate. But simply being in the historical cities was incredible.)

I continued the remainder of the Freedom Trail and finished before I flew back to Los Angeles. (And of course got sidetracked.)

In addition to the history and architecture, I thoroughly enjoyed a free Sam Adams Brewery Tour with Diane, who I met in Chicago. We left to Boston on the same day (well – we were supposed to, but my flight got canceled due to weather, so I ended up going a day after), and it was a nice coincidence that we ended up in the same cities.

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