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Thank you for your interest in working with Backyard Destinations!

If your business aligns with our mission and theme and you are interested in having it featured on Backyard Destinations, we are happy to provide free coverage at this time.* **

About Backyard Destinations

Backyard Destinations is a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring people to appreciate, explore, and travel within their backyards.

Given our focus on appreciation and traveling locally, we’re interested in partnering with:

  • Local businesses, including artisan coffee shops and restaurants that source ingredients locally and sustainably (see example here)
  • Brands and companies with a social cause or mission, particularly environmental and education causes and missions (see example here)
  • Local attractions and experiences (see examples here and here)
  • Brands, companies and organizations that value nature and the outdoors

Other ways to work together

We’re open to other brands and companies that align with our mission as well. Send us an email at backyarddestinations [at] gmail [dot] com to explore other ways that we may be able to work together.

*Conditions apply to the free coverage. Kindly email backyarddestinations [at] gmail [dot] com for further details.
**Backyard Destinations reserves the right to refuse coverage to any business, including but not limited to those that do not align with its mission, theme and values.