For every sandwich you buy, this sandwich shop donates one to feed those in need

Even Stevens sandwich shop

While I was in Boise last year, I came across a sandwich shop that I instantly fell in love with for two reasons: the sandwiches taste good and the company donates a sandwich for every one it sells.

My friend suggested going to Even Stevens in part because of its social mission. I was happy to check it out because I think it’s important to be intentional about where we spend our dollars and what businesses we support. I ended up going to Even Stevens twice. The first time, I ordered a banh mi sandwich, which I did not photograph because I just wanted to eat. (Lol.) I don’t remember what I ordered the second time, but here’s what it looked like:

Even Stevens sandwich shop

Although it’s been over a year since I was last at Even Stevens, I do remember feeling very satisfied with the food. The ingredients tasted really fresh and I felt like I was eating a healthy meal.

Even Stevens sandwich shop

I was also a fan of the atmosphere of the location I visited in Boise. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for just kicking it back with friends because the space has a really casual, laid back vibe. Another thing I liked was the large artwork hanging on the walls.

Even Stevens sandwich shop Even Stevens sandwich shop Even Stevens sandwich shop

At the time I went last year, Even Stevens had donated nearly 1.4 million sandwiches to non-profit organizations. Today, it has donated more than 3.2 million! The company has grown since I’ve visited and has locations in seven states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Utah and Washington. I hope they’ll consider coming to California, too 🙂

Note: Even Stevens doesn’t directly donate sandwiches to its non-profits. What it does is calculate how many sandwiches it has sold at the end of each month and multiplies that number by the average cost of its ingredients per sandwich (54 cents). That amount is then divided up between its non-profit partners. Those partners can then order from a list of 150+ approved products that are delivered to them.

In addition to Even Stevens’ social mission, the company tries to source some of its ingredients locally. In Boise, its beer and wine selection is all locally sourced from the city itself and surrounding areas, according to one of the company’s employees.

If you ever find yourself hungry and near an Even Stevens location, I hope you’ll consider supporting this company. You’ll get to eat, and so will someone else through the company’s donation.

To learn more about Even Stevens, click here.

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