Final photos

On the last weekend of the trip I got to visit Port Townshend, an island just a ferry ride away from the main state.

1 - porttownshend
View from the boat
2 - porttownshend
To my surprise there were that many cars on the island
3 - porttownshend
I liked the architecture there so I had to have a photo with some buildings in the background
4 - porttownshend
Lots of fog on the way back to the main state

Phil and I also hung out with Jeff, Avery (Danielle’s brother), Jeremy (the other WWOOFer), and the boys at a park to watch some paragliders.

3 - paragliding
Avery, Jeremy, and Jeff watching the paragliders
5 - paragliding
Beautiful view at the park where we watched the paragliders

1 - paragliding 2 - paragliding 4 - paragliding

The highlight of my last day at Highwater was harvesting spinach plants. Jeff gave me a stick with which I whacked the bottom of the plants so we could pick them up. We sorted them into piles of females and males. I had no idea plants had genders until that day.

If you ever have the time to volunteer on an organic farm through the WWOOF program and haven’t before, I highly recommend it. There is so much you’ll learn, a bunch of great people you’ll meet, and a ton of memorable experiences you’ll gain 🙂

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