Getting to know Boston better

I’d briefly visited Boston in 2012 when my family and I embarked on a tour of several east coast states.

But that time wasn’t enough. Two years ago, I was especially antsy about hanging around the area for a longer period of time because I wanted to stop by the TD Garden. (I’ve got this goal of taking as many photos of NBA arenas as possible.)

Since I was already going to be relatively close to Boston when I decided on staying in Chicago, I also decided: Do it. This time, it was for more reasons than just to see the home of the Boston Celtics.

And that’s where I headed after Chicago.

The weather in Chitown had been pleasant when I arrived. But the day before I flew out, rain began pouring. As a result, my flight to Boston was canceled and I was rebooked for the following day.

That shaved a day off of my stay in Boston, but of course I was grateful to still have nearly a week at such a historical American city!

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