Green everywhere (and more!)

2 - eno_river_state_park

If there’s one thing that’s great about North Carolina, it’s that there’s an abundance of green everywhere (at least that’s what it feels like), even along the highways. That stood out to me because in Los Angeles, it’s buildings that surround the freeways.

A good number of my hours in North Carolina were spent on the road, and I was satisfied with what I got go see and do while I there.

For one, I got to go ziplining and literally took a stroll down Memory Lane in the same day.

Then there was some hiking at Eno River State Park, walking around Duke University (which I pushed to visit primarily because it was where Nathan Scott in “One Tree Hill” was supposed to attend college), Mexican food, an arcade (I know – it’s not exactly a traveler activity, but it was still fun), and a quest to find the Woollen Gym at the University of North Carolina (where Michael Jordan went to school).

Getting to the Woollen Gym was actually more challenging than anticipated because:

1. We had no idea where we could park on campus
2. It suddenly started raining when we arrived at UNC
3. Every door handle we grabbed and pulled (while getting rained on) didn’t budge. They were all locked!
4. Someone and his little daughter came out and we rushed as nonchalantly as we could to where he was exiting so we could get in
5. Once we got in (pretty damp from the rain), we went up and down and up and down some floors in search of the court Michael Jordan played on
6. In the end, we weren’t even entirely sure that was the place. We assumed we reached it, as it was near the ticket office.
7. I only got this picture to prove I had stepped foot into the Woollen Gym. (Jordan probably lifted weights here, right?!)

1 - woollen_gym

A festival in Swansboro was another highlight. I was especially delighted with all the handmade jewelry for sale, and got a nice pair for $5.

Since Swansboro is near beaches, Therese, Jovaun and I drove down the road and stopped at a few of them.

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