I’m blown away by Windy City

I don’t usually live blog, but I guess I might as well give it a try sometime. (Like today. Lol.)

I’m currently in Chicago! I arrived today and am staying at a hostel.

Some things I’ve noted for this trip so far (in no particular order):

1. The groceries I bought today will not suffice for the remainder of my stay, as my supply is already depleting. :'( I like snacking, and that’s causing my food supply to decrease slowly but surely. My plan to survive in Chicago on sandwiches and quinoa will be revised.
2. It is slightly more humid here than it is in Los Angeles.
3. The humidity is freaking my hair out.
4. What’s the point of asking hostelers to date food bins when people’s tubs marked June 10 are still in the fridge and hogging space?? >:(
5. I’ve forgotten that sleep (including naps) can be interrupted (which in turn result in frustration) when you’re sharing a room with more than four girls who run on different schedules, and cause the bunk beds to squeak whenever they place any amount of weight on their mattresses. Then they come in and out whenever they want and the door makes more noise than it should.
6. Despite this inconvenience, among many others, it’s all part of the adventure 🙂
7. I’ve heard a number of folks speak French here. It reminds me of Canada.
8. I haven’t been here for so long but I love this place already. It’s a big city with this kind of small town feel to it.

Millennium Park was my big first stop today! Even though it’s a touristy spot, I like it.

And of course, what’s a visit to Windy City without stopping by the most popular bean in America, so popular that it probably gets more attention from children than black and pinto beans combined?

(Other photographs from today follow the bean.)






3 thoughts on “I’m blown away by Windy City

    1. It is! I’m still exploring, but so far I am impressed with the transportation system compared to what’s in Los Angeles. Still, LA is a great city with so much diversity, great food, and lots to do!

      1. A really nice view is at a restaurant called the signature room at the 95th. If you haven’t been, check it out 🙂 great views.

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