July 15: You’re Missing Half Your Life if You Haven’t Seen Niagara Falls

Everyone uses the word “awesome” and “amazing” to describe almost everything.

“This ice cream is amazing!”

“Strawberries are awesome!”

Sadly, the casual use of these words has stripped them of their actual meanings. (Sigh… I hate to admit that I’m guilty of carelessly using these words.)

But Niagara Falls was amazing and awesome, and I mean this in the original context of those words. I was awestruck and amazed with this beautiful, breathtaking, natural wonder.

I thought about how lucky people who live in the area are to have something like this within driving distance. It’s the perfect place to go to if you need to clear your head or to sit down in the morning and read a good book. Even with loads of people around, all you need to do is concentrate on the sound of the water hitting the basin with immense pressure, and you’ll be overcome with a peaceful feeling.

No lie.

Fortunately Michael didn’t ask us to get back on the bus within 20 minutes.


We actually had enough time to take the beauty in. It was wonderful. The morning was misty and humid, and it also rained a little.

The best part of the day was riding the Maid of the Mist.

We had to wear blue, trash bag-like plastic covers so we wouldn’t get all soaked.

So, how do I begin to describe how incredible that boat ride was? It’s just something everyone needs to add to their bucket list. I’m serious, so I’m going to type it again. Lol.

Everyone needs to add “Visit Niagara Falls” to their bucket list.

(Unless of course you’ve already seen it.)

We got so close to the falls that we got heavily sprayed with mist.

I came out with my hair all wet, and some of my clothes were damp. But that really didn’t matter in the least.

The ride was so enjoyable that my cousin and I were seriously willing to fork out another $20 or $30 or however much it cost to go on the ride again, but we were out of time.

We lived on the bus for the rest of the day as we headed to Boston.

The bus pulled into a gas station at 7:06 p.m. and when the driver attempted to restart it…

It. Didn’t. Start.

The driver, Boris, was a Russian man who moved to America in the 1980s. He was balding and had mouse-like teeth. He had a small, scruffy brown beard and wore glasses. His arms were slightly hairy, and he wore a silver ring on his right ring finger.

It’s hard not to appreciate people who can maneuver large vehicles like buses through cities with small roads. Boris was a pretty cool guy. He was really social and kept his cool even though Michael periodically would tell him to make turns he couldn’t possibly make because we were just about to pass the intersection.

We ended up stuck at the station for more than four hours, until a replacement bus came to fetch us.

Boris had to stay back with his bus until someone came to fix it.

The tour group family waiting for the replacement bus

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  1. I was in the US and Canada in the mid-90’s on business and took a very short excision to dip my toes in the Niagara mist. Perhaps one day I will return and pay proper homage to this incredible sight. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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