July 19: Adieu, Big Apple

Disclaimer: I didn’t take any photos on the last day because I was hurrying around everywhere, so this is going to be one of those dry entries composed entirely of words 🙁

My final hours in New York were bittersweet. I was looking forward to getting back to LA, but there was still so much to do in the big city!

In addition to getting my things ready, I stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my aunt. We took the bus to get there and got lost twice :/

After the museum, I took a subway to Newark Airport in New Jersey. The fare was $12.50, but I was in awe with how huge the underground station was. I wish I had photos to share, but I couldn’t stop admiring how such a big station was underground. I kept thinking about how above, there were cars driving on roads. It’s pretty neat if you stop to think about that stuff.

Anyway, the first stop I made on the train was at a place called Secaucus, which sounds very much like a disease, doesn’t it? I never knew such a place existed (just like I didn’t know about Loyalsock in Pennsylvania).

Hopped off the train at the airport in Newark, where I had to deal with the inconvenient security policies. I ended up spending $2.95 on a 500ml bottle of water because passengers aren’t allowed to take liquids past the checkpoint. Then I had to chug down all that water before boarding the plane.

As I handed my boarding pass the the person at the terminal, I observed (though not for the first time) how passes are printed on such flimsy pieces of paper. My guess is that they’re probably way cheaper than the thicker paper airlines previously printed on many years ago.

When I landed at LAX at 12:08 a.m., it was comforting to be greeted by the familiar city lights from the skyscrapers in Downtown LA.

But, (as corny as this may sound,) I felt like I had left part of my heart in New York. Despite the fact that it’s super crowded, fast-paced, and busier than I’m used to there, there’s a certain charm to it that captivated me. I don’t know if I’d choose to live there, but I would not mind visiting frequently at all.

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