Review: La Mesa Ecopark, Philippines

La Mesa Ecopark

Metro Manila is insanely polluted. And because it is, it’s no fun to breathe there.

So when my family took me to La Mesa Ecopark, I was shocked – in a good way – to be in an area still in the Metro Manila area that was surrounded by tall trees and breathable air! I was actually able to inhale huge amounts of air and not feel like my lungs had been injected with hazardous pollutants.

Ecopark is located between Quezon City and Caloocan City (closer to the latter) and exists to spread environmental awareness. Unless you’re a senior, Quezon City resident, or a child, it costs P50 to get in (according to their website, that’s the price for people taller than 3 feet haha), which is just a little more than $1 USD.

La Mesa Ecopark

My uncle said it’s a touristy area, although everyone I saw during my visit seemed to be Filipino.

There are tons of activities for people at La Mesa Ecopark – like ziplining, boating and swimming for pretty cheap – although my family and I mostly walked around. But the first thing we did upon arriving was conquer the stairs leading to a distant view of the La Mesa Dam Reservoir, which we weren’t allowed to photograph 🙁

If you can secure a hut, then it’s a great place to just hang out with family and friends. There are also barbecue pits!

Walking around Ecopark made me wonder about what it would be like if land in the country was better cared for because it is a beautiful area that’s impossible not to appreciate. The place is a treasure in Metro Manila, mainly because it’s an isolated bubble of better air. But it’s also nice to be able to see the types of natural resources that can be found in the Philippines.

Ecopark is a great escape from the busyness and smog that permeates most of Metro Manila.

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