Over 2 million people visit this popular Oregon waterfall every year, and it’s easy to see why

Multnomah Falls

In the Pacific Northwest region of North America, the most heavily visited natural recreation site is Multnomah Falls. If you’ve ever been to Portland or close to the area, or if you’re planning a trip there, you’ve most likely visited or heard of this popular natural wonder.

Every year, more than 2 million people visit Multnomah Falls, and it’s easy to see why:

Multnomah Falls -multnomah-falls

My friend who lives in Portland was nice enough to drive me to see Multnomah Falls when I visited Portland for the first time. I was ready to do the 2-mile hike to the falls that I had read about. However, we ended up doing a 0.2-mile hike instead. (Lol.) My friend parked in a lot in front of the Multnomah Falls Lodge and it took us a minute or two to get to the viewpoint of the falls.

-multnomah-falls -multnomah-falls


The waterfall is beautiful! It was incredible to see in-person a sight I had seen so many times in photographs all over the Internet. But to be completely honest, because I had seen so many photos of the lower falls already (shown in the photos above), I was more impressed by Upper Multnomah Falls, which is best viewed from the bridge. The bridge is an easy 0.2-mile trek up, and the view of the upper falls is like a dream.

Multnomah Falls Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls
View from the bridgeMultnomah Falls

Up past the bridge, you can walk up a couple of feet to get closer to the upper falls and feel the mist spray on you. It’s a fun and worthwhile experience to get a little bit soaked while viewing the upper falls!

Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls
My camera got sprayed by the upper falls, too!

My friend and I spent several minutes at Multnomah Falls before heading out. We went on a Friday afternoon and it was busy with dozens of people, which makes it kind of challenging to take photos without extra people in them. Coming there earlier might be a better time if you prefer a smaller crowd.

In any case, Multnomah Falls is a must-see if you’re in the area. It’s about 30 miles east of Portland and much of the drive is a scenic one. Be sure to take time to see it if you can!

Multnomah Falls Lodge is located at:
53000 Historic Columbia River Hwy
Corbett, OR 97019

For more information about hiking to Multnomah Falls, click here.

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