Niagara Falls, we meet again

In 2012 I had the awesome opportunity to see Niagara Falls in New York. I was so captivated and inspired that I added viewing the falls from the Canadian side to my bucket list.

But I never expected that it would happen so soon.

1 - horseshoe_falls_canada
I was SO happy to be here sooner than I expected!

They say Niagara Falls is better on the Canadian side, and upon arriving, I couldn’t agree more.

The day I visited, it was kind of gloomy and freezing! But it was still such a majestic sight. You get to see of Horseshoe Falls AND the American Falls, and the view is just spectacular.

1 - niagara_falls_canadian_side

I opted to go on a tour here instead of plan it out myself because the cost was $55, and we got to visit Niagara on the Lake (a small town) and a winery. It was less of a hassle and cost just a tiny bit more than if I were to take a bus on my own.

I went on the Maid of the Mist again, and while it was cold for me, it was still loads of fun!

Cold, cold day at Niagara Falls!
Cold, cold day at Niagara Falls!
People in blue Maid of the Mist panchos!
People in blue Maid of the Mist panchos!
5 - niagara_falls_canada
The city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
4 - niagara_falls_canada
Walking around Niagara Falls.

I actually got US cell service here. Pretty awesome. I was so close to America πŸ˜›

Niagara on the Lake

This town has a population of less than 15,000.
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2 - niagara_on_the_lake

3 - niagara_on_the_lake
Creative cake pops.

4 - niagara_on_the_lake

5 - niagara_on_the_lake

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Buses and RVs aren’t allowed in Niagara on the Lake. They have to park seven minutes away from the town entrance. This is the pathway we walked on.

Diamond Estates Winery

This was the last stop of the day. Ice wine is produced exclusively in places like Ontario, where temperatures areΒ really cold. Workers have to pick the grapes at night, when the temperature is just right. This was my first time to try dessert wine and it’s really sweet. I liked it πŸ™‚ We sampled Cabernet Franc and Gewurztraminer ice wines.
1 - diamond_estates_winery

2 - diamond_estates_winery
Sweet dessert ice wine.
3 - diamond_estates_winery
The ice wine costed $30-$40 per bottle. So I didn’t buy any. Lol.

On the way back to Toronto, I chit chatted with the bus driver, Tom. I asked about his job and how he learned to drive such a huge vehicle. He said he relies a lot on his mirrors and that it’s not so bad once you get used to it.

Going back to Toronto from Niagara Falls. It takes about two hours each way.
Going back to Toronto from Niagara Falls. It takes about two hours each way.

He speaks German fluently because he had a Swiss girlfriend and lived there when they were together.

He was a personable guy and manually mapped out in his head where to drop off people in the tour group. That was impressive. I was dropped off last, although I think I could’ve been dropped off sooner. But I didn’t mind staying on for awhile. It’s always nice to talk to friendly people with stories to tell πŸ™‚

Tom suggested I visit Kensington Market, so I made note of that and made sure to check it out while I was in the city.

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