North Lake, Irvine: a stunningly blue gem

North Lake

When it comes to free, relaxing sights, nothing beats a beautiful body of water.

Take for instance North Lake in Irvine.

North Lake is located in a residential area (with free street parking!) and it is a captivating vibrant blue in the middle of the day, so it truly is a treat to walk up to the sidewalk and be greeted with such blue splendor. There’s a pathway all around the lake where you can jog or go for a leisurely stroll, and it’s right next to North Lake Park where there is a playground and benches.

North LakeNorth LakeNorth Lake

The lake offers a scenic, quiet and relaxing getaway right in the city. It’s perfect if you want to picnic, take a walk with a friend or loved one (or even just yourself), and even sit under some trees to read a good book.

North Lake

There’s also a gazebo that’s fun to stand or sit under and photograph, as well as a bridge that’s nice to walk over.

North LakeNorth Lake

Another neat little area around the North Lake is an “island” that’s accessible via some stairs. From the island, you can see the playground at North Lake Park. I was going to check it out, but I saw a territorial-looking Canadian goose and retreated back up the stairs. (Yikes!) That might sound a tad bit silly but it was still breeding season when I went, and these geese are not very friendly during that time so I decided to pass on the island this time. (I’ll be back, though!)

North Lake

There are also mallard ducks around the lake that you can feed. Didn’t see anyone in the water but it looks like people can go kayaking and hydroboating at the lake.

North Lake is a pleasant gem in the City of Irvine. Be sure the check it out if you’re in the area! 🙂

North Lake

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