Craft an eco-conscious wardrobe with Pact Organic

Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing

Last year I stumbled across a new eco-conscious clothing brand that I’ve become a huge fan of: Pact Organic.

I’m always on the lookout for brands and companies that are dedicated to a social cause and are mindful of their environmental footprints, so I was really happy to come across Pact Organic.

Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing

My favorite thing about this brand is that it focuses on basic pieces, which are always a necessity in your wardrobe. From camis, socks, underwear, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, and a whole lot more, Pact Organic is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking to craft a more ethical wardrobe.

I purchased a couple of dresses, cardigans, and leggings from the company last year, and the team was also nice enough to send me some t-shirts and dresses to review afterward. Although I did receive complimentary clothing, my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and the company did not ask to review this post.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the clothes, mainly because Pact Organic is a free trade certified company and they use organic cotton to manufacture the clothes. My favorite pieces of clothing are the maxi dress and pocket dress.

Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothingPact Organic, eco-conscious clothing Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing

But I also love the t-shirts because it’s so easy to just put them on and go. One thing I will note about the t-shirts, though, is that two of them had some small holes in them. I’m not entirely sure if they were there when I received them or if they formed, but that’s not an issue I’ve had with other brands before. I’m still able to wear the shirts without much of a problem, and the holes haven’t gotten problematically bigger. But that’s a bit of a con with the shirts. Still, I’m planning to continue patronizing the company because. I just may not continue buying t-shirts if I keep having a problem with them in the future.

Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing

The leggings I got from Pact Organic are probably the pieces of clothing I use most often. I have used them every single week I got them. I’ve also brought them along with me whenever I travel. They’re super soft and lightweight, so they’re extremely easy to bring along – and wear – on trips. Few things beat lightweight items when you have to carry around your belongings while traveling 🙂

Horseshoe Bend, Zion National Park, and Death Valley National Park, are just a few of the places I’ve explored in Pact Organic leggings 🙂Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing Pact Organic, eco-conscious clothing

I think it’s super important to be intentional about businesses we support, so I hope you’ll consider spending your dollars at Pact Organic for your next clothing purchase. With a good assortment of basics to choose from, there’s something here for everyone – women, men and kids alike.

To learn more about Pact Organic and to check out their products, click here.

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