Photos of Ohio

My summer on the east coast began in Ohio, where I hung out with some of my family. I spent four days there and met some pretty cool people, and a cat who always wanted to bother me lol:

I met my cousin’s husband Kevin and his family, and I have to say that the person who stuck out in my mind most is his grandmother.

She’s 101 years old and I was amazed with how sharp she is. She was alive during the Great Depression and was selected to serve on a committee under Eleanor Roosevelt.

Andrew and Nikki
There was also Kevin’s twin brother Andrew and his wife Nikki, who had what I thought was an out-of-the-ordinary start to their love story.

Nikki worked as a pharmacist for CVS and Andrew was her patient for two years. She and the other girls working at the pharmacy thought he was cute, and she broke the rules and stole his number from his records! Then she texted him about some “medical” issue, and it all went from there.

“How long was I supposed to wait?” she said when she told the story to Andrew’s mom.

They’re such a fun couple to be around, and it sucks that I didn’t get any photos of them 🙁

Most of my stay in Ohio was spent at my cousin’s. She’s got a black cat named Mimi, who’s actually a boy. It took some time before my cousin realized he had male genitals, which she discovered after noticing Mimi constantly licking a pink extremity. After she found out, she kept the name Mimi anyway.

(Sorry about the cruddy photo!)

Here are some photos I took while I was in Ohio:

EOUV Club in Novelty, OH (EOUV stands for Erster Österreichischer Unterstützungs Verein, the First Austrian Mutual Aid Society)

The Q Arena (home of the Cleveland Cavaliers!)

The Great Lakes Science Center/NASA Glenn Visitor Center

Windmill outside the Great Lakes Science Center/NASA Glenn Visitor Center

Cleveland Browns Stadium

View of Downtown Cleveland

A suburb in University Heights, OH (the streets are so empty, unlike residential areas in LA!)

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  1. Nice photos, Ag. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the gazebo and the pine trees. Also the love story.

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