Point and shoot: Calgary, AB

The Monday following my weekend of volunteering at Calgary festivals, I bused and walked around the city. Calgary is a lot more spread out than Vancouver, so I got a nice workout seeing the city on foot.

Downtown Calgary

1 - downtowncalgary

2 - downtowncalgary

3 - downtowncalgary

Fish Creek Provincial Park

1 - fishcreekprovincialpark

Canada Post

1 - canadapost
I found these mail drop boxes so vibrant, and couldn’t help but pull my camera out to take a picture.

Heritage Park

1 - heritagepark

2 - heritagepark 3 - heritagepark 4 - heritagepark 5 - heritagepark

University of Calgary

1 - universityofcalgary
I didn’t actually find much special in the time I was on campus. It didn’t stand out to me or anything, but I took some photos anyway.

3 - universityofcalgary 2 - universityofcalgary

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

3 - sait
The campus has a fantastic view of Calgary skyscrapers.
2 - sait
The Flag of Canada and Flag of Alberta.

1 - sait

The Bow

1 - thebow
At 58 stories/775 feet, The Bow is the tallest building in Western Canada.


1 - wonderland
This structure is found in front of The Bow. It’s 12 meters tall and was created by Jaume Plensa, a Barcelona-based designer.

One thought on “Point and shoot: Calgary, AB

  1. The olympic square was my favourite place in Calgary. But beside this, I found this city very sterile, not very charming. Still I had a nice time there, because I had a great couchsurfing host.

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