Review: Starbucks, Tagaytay

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I try not to go to national or international food/beverage chains when I’m traveling because I prefer to experience local offerings.

But when my family and I drove past a Tagaytay Starbucks overlooking a view that made me look twice, I caved in and made it a goal to pay a visit there.

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I’m convinced that this Starbucks deserves to go on a list of coolest Starbucks locations in the world.

For one thing, the view is just incredible.

3 - starbucks_tagaytay_view
This photo doesn’t do the view justice, but it was foggy the day we visited so I snapped a photo of what wasn’t foggy.

It’s also a spacious facility with indoor and outdoor seating on two floors.

Although Starbucks is viewed as a common quick coffee stop in the United States, it’s a bigger deal in the Philippines, and it was pretty packed when I visited on a Saturday. (It didn’t seem as crowded on the weekday we drove by it the first time.) Fortunately, we were able to find seats inside.

The beverages served are definitely up to par with every other Starbucks I’ve visited, and the baristas were friendly and attentive, even with how busy it was.

5 - starbucks_tagaytay_mango_madnessThe food menu is also great. One of my favorite items at this location, and one that is probably available in Starbucks’ throughout the Philippines, is the Mango Madness.

I particularly appreciated it because it isn’t available in the United States and because it wasn’t too sweet.

The atmosphere inside this location radiates a feel that encourages productivity: you’ll want to do work and get things done with the comfortable seating and ample lighting. Outdoor seating, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want to chat with friends.

While most merchandise in the Philippines is cheaper than in the United States, the prices at this Starbucks matched those of locations I visit in Los Angeles. I bought drinks and a few desserts for five people, including myself, and signed a bill equal to about $30.

The only (small) downside at this Starbucks is that it is situated below street level, making it a steep descent down to the parking lot, and a steep ascent back up to the street. If you’re visiting with a car and want to avoid this, there is some space for cars toward the upper right of the location that is level with the street. Another option to consider is finding parking elsewhere just a few minutes away, as it may save the hassle of driving back up out of the lot.

Other than that, this location on Calamba Road offers a pleasant environment that is worth checking out for anyone who happens to be in the area.

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