Worpswede: flat land, cow dung and art

Every two hours, there’s a bus that goes from the village of Worpswede to the city of Bremen. Both places are located in Northern Germany and are 20km apart. A little more than 9,000 people live there.  Around Worpswede there’s a vast area of nothingness. And it smells like cow dung. The surprising thing about Worpswede is that it’s quite… More Worpswede: flat land, cow dung and art

Destination appreciation: Pilsum Lighthouse

East Frisia doesn’t have many sights that are popular nationwide. There’s one, though, that basically everyone knows: The lighthouse in Pilsum. Pilsum is a tiny village in the Krummhörn county where only about 500 people live. The lighthouse there isn’t really an imposing piece of architecture: it’s only 11 meters tall, and with its red… More Destination appreciation: Pilsum Lighthouse