Welcome to Damali

At Damali, volunteers stay in the WWOOFer loft. It is situated on top of the lavender shop (I included a photo of the shop in the previous entry) and has four bed spaces, a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room area with couches, a television and an X-box console. Each “room” had a… More Welcome to Damali

Final photos

On the last weekend of the trip I got to visit Port Townshend, an island just a ferry ride away from the main state. Phil and I also hung out with Jeff, Avery (Danielle’s brother), Jeremy (the other WWOOFer), and the boys at a park to watch some paragliders. The highlight of my last day… More Final photos

Bees and rabbit meat

After coming back from Vancouver we met a man (whose name I regretfully forgot) who sells raw unfiltered honey at the Seedro Woolley Farmer’s Market. Some of his honeycomb boxes were kept at Highwater. He showed us some of the bees in the boxes. He also explained that honey cannot be organic because it’s impossible… More Bees and rabbit meat