Meet some of my host family

Up until this point I haven’t written much about my host family, who taught me so much about organic agricultural practices, ensured I was fed, etc. Most of all, it was nice being around their company. The kids in particular were quite an energetic bunch (Teagan, Joe, Theo, Sam and Faith. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a photo of Faith.)

1 - kids
Photo with the boys toward the end of the trip. From L-R: Theo, Teagan, me, and Joe.

1 - teagan
Teagan is the oldest one and was a ball of energy. I think he was trying to learn some self defense from Phil while we were there. He was a cool kid to talk to as well 🙂

1 - joe
I thought Joe was a handsome little fellow, who seemed to have bonded really well with Phil

1 - sam
Sam was the most adorable baby. The thing is, he cried a lot. When we went to Vancouver, I looked after him for a bit while he was napping. When he woke up, he wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I did. He calmed down when Danielle came back, though. Despite that, I still thought he was a cute little guy, and this is my favorite photo of him.

1 - theo
This is another one of my favorite photos, and it’s of Theo. I tasted rainier cherries for the first time at the Sedro Woolley Farmers market, and I had some at the time this photo was taken. Theo wanted some, too, and held his hands out just like that to ask for some. I told him to stay posing like that so I could snap a photo. Then I gave him some cherries.

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