Tunnel Mountain viewpoint

The morning after discussing English lingo with Tom, George, and Katie, I was sure that was the last I’d seen of them.

Upon getting out of bed, I went to the common area for a few minutes before going to the kitchen. The room was quite sparse, except for when a skinny guy with short dark brown hair and glasses came in and plopped himself down a few seats to my right.

Tom and George were headed out of Banff just past noon, and by the time I made my way to the kitchen it must have been around 11 a.m. But, surprise! Both of them were in the kitchen, figuring out if they could make time to visit Lake Louise before continuing with their travels. They told me they’d been out exploring Banff night life until 3 a.m. and that they made curry for breakfast but left a third of the ingredients for me. In the end they both decided to take the risk and see Lake Louise, and just hoped they’d catch the bus to their next destination. I hugged them both goodbye, and then they scurried out of Samesun.

So that was that.

But while I was in the kitchen, I noticed the same guy I’d seen in the common room earlier that day.

Small world, I thought.

After they left, I hiked Tunnel Mountain where I took a few moments to stare in awe at this breathtaking view:

3 - tunnel-mountain-banff
Gained 948 feet on this 2.7-mile roundtrip hike. The panoramic view of Banff was so gorgeous and breathtaking!

1 - tunnel-mountain-banff 2 - tunnel-mountain-banff 4 - tunnel-mountain-banff 5 - tunnel-mountain-banff 6 - tunnel-mountain-banff 7 - tunnel-mountain-banff

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