Vancouver, I wasn’t expecting you

Every morning for the two weeks I was at Highwater, I woke up to cows mooing.

1 - cows

And chomping on grass.

But I got a little break when I got the opportunity to visit Canada. It turned out Danielle is Canadian, and she had to go across the border to pick up her brother Avery. So Phil and I went along.

1 - canadianborder

2 - canadianboarder
Snapshots of the border

I’ve heard the stereotype that Canadians are friendly, and it seems pretty true.

Everyone I met was so friendly, smiley, and helpful. In trying to get around via public transit, one man pointed us to the appropriate stop, and ended up chit chatting about his life briefly.

Phil and I also tried to purchase a day pass on the bus (because that’s how it worked on the LA Metro buses at one point), but they were sold at 7-Elevens. We were about to step off the bus, but the driver insisted we go ahead and stay since we meant to buy the pass in the first place. He said we could just get it once we got off.

1 - canadianbus

Holy moly. We could have gone around Downtown Vancouver for free all day and just told every driver that we didn’t know we couldn’t buy the passes on board!

Of course we didn’t do that, but Canadian friendliness is an impression that has stayed with me up until today.

I was really impressed with Vancouver’s public transit system because it’s really efficient and the vehicles are very clean.

Here are some other photos I took in Vancouver:

1 - canada
Somewhere in Downtown (my focus was on the lines up there that the buses are attached to)

2 - canada
The beautiful Stanley Park

3 - canada
Another one of Stanley Park

4 - canada
Granville Island

5 - canada
A beach

6 - canada
On the road

7 - canada
A suburb. We made a pit stop here to play with Danielle’s adorable baby, Sam (I’ll post a cute photo of him in a future entry)

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