Destination appreciation: Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park, Boise

Veterans Memorial Park is one of several parks in Boise, Idaho found along the Boise Greenbelt.

It’s a park that my friends who live in the city decided to stop by one afternoon. As the name suggests, the park honors and commemorates veterans. In 2016, a monument honoring 217 Idaho veterans who died in the Vietnam War was dedicated and installed.

We didn’t get to see that part of the park when we went because we ended up hanging around closer to the river.

In addition to the monument, an interesting fact is that in 2009, the Boise Park and Recreation’s Community Forestry United planted 84 new trees that would provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, provide shade, and enhance air quality, according to the City of Boise website. I thought that was a pretty awesome thing to do 🙂

It was a nice summer afternoon when we stopped by. We spent just several minutes there right at sunset and I managed to snap a few photos.

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I think Veterans Memorial Park is a great example of a backyard destination. It’s a simple local park that honors Idaho soldiers who served in a war, and it’s not something you’ll necessarily find on a list of must-sees in Boise. It has amenities you’d likely find at other parks, including a playground and restrooms.

But if you think about how not every city is lucky enough to have parks like this, that it honors honors Idaho soldiers who fought for the country, and if you just take the time to appreciate the unique features of what you’ve got, then places like Veterans Memorial Park in Boise become nice places to travel to.

If you’re in Boise and need a breath of fresh air or want to check out a local spot, this park is a good one to go to.

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