A photo log of reasons to visit The Broad

The Broad

When The Broad, a contemporary art museum, opened up in Los Angeles in September 2015, there was much talk about the Infinity Mirrored Room exhibit by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

The BroadI saw a bunch of photos of the exhibit on the web and on Instagram, and the Infinity Mirrored Room easily became the reason I wanted to visit the museum. Because really, how could one not be drawn to such a fascinating-looking exhibit?

The room, though not that big, makes you truly feel like you’re in an infinite space and is nothing short of extraordinary. (And as of this post, it is set to be on display only through April 2016.)

But although the exhibit is incredible, it isn’t the only reason to visit The Broad. And if you’re in the LA area, it’s definitely worth checking out. You won’t regret it!

Located on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles’ financial district (specifically at 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012), the museum has two floors and features a collection of nearly 2,000 works:

Two of my other favorites include Under the Table by Robert Therrien, which features a mega-sized table and chairs, and Tulips by Jeff Koons. If you’re not able to physically visit The Broad, you can check out what’s in the collection online here.

Visiting & reservations

Because the museum is still relatively new as of writing this post, it is best to make reservations before visiting. But on the plus side, The Broad is FREE! You can also choose to do a walk in, but if you’re reading this before some of the demand has died down, be prepared to wait more than over an hour before going inside. Advice for walk-ins: Get there early.

Getting there & parking

Getting to The Broad isn’t too bad if you go at a time when LA traffic is calm. Drivers can park in a three-level underground parking garage for a fee of $12 per three hours on weekdays. More information on that is available here. Visitors can also opt for public transit either by taking the Metro Red Line and hopping off at the Civic Center/Grand Park stop OR taking a bus. To plan a trip there using public transit, visit www.metro.net.

The Broad
Deutschlands Geisteshelden by Anselm Keifer

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