Walk ’til you drop

The Freedom Trail is one popular attraction in Boston, and I completed it over the course of three days. It really was only a few hours in total, but I tend to get sidetracked when I stumble upon aesthetically pleasing sights.

As with every city I’ve visited thus far, I do my best to get good rest at night (with a few exceptions when I decide I’d like to experience night life in certain places). Then I get up in the morning and eat breakfast, and prepare myself for hours of walking. (Then once I get back to the hostel, I plop down on a seat in the common area or on my bed and have to fight a mental battle to get back up again.)

Of course, there’s the subway, and as I purchased I week pass in Boston, I made sure to use it. But you always see much more by walking and you can easily stop to take photos.

So, here are a few more:

I did go off the trail several times, so I ended up spreading it out over a few days.

Anyway, here’s the brief clip of Midnight Snack!

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