What do you do in Utah?

When I told people I was heading to Utah for a bit this summer, some wondered what in the world I could possibly do in the state.

I guess ‘What do you do in Utah?’ is a legitimate question given it’s not as hyped up as other places, like California or New York. But the simple fact that it’s a different scene from popular cities and destinations was enough for me to appreciate and enjoy it.

My friend Arms was nice enough to host me during my stay last week, and I spent most of my time with her and her boyfriend Wes. They live in South Jordan, which is about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City.

We decided to go on a little adventure last Tuesday to find all the “Play Me, I’m Yours” pianos scattered throughout Salt Lake. The pianos were painted by local Utah artists and were part of an exhibition at UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art) that ended on June 30. The hunt for the pianos also allowed me to go around the city and become more familiar with it.

The pins on the following map are where the pianos were located. By clicking on the pins you can see photos I took of the pianos (and some where I’m attempting to play). The numbers on the descriptions represent the order Arms, Wes and I visited the pianos, and are followed by the name of the locations.

After our third piano we had some lamb for lunch at a fast food restaurant called Greek Souvlaki. The meat was actually pretty tasty.

By the end of the day we were darker and sticky from the heat. But it was a well-spent, walk-filled summer day in Salt Lake 🙂

*More posts on my week in Utah to follow.

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