Worpswede: flat land, cow dung and art

Worpswede, Germany

Every two hours, there’s a bus that goes from the village of Worpswede to the city of Bremen. Both places are located in Northern Germany and are 20km apart. A little more than 9,000 people live there.  Around Worpswede there’s a vast area of nothingness.

And it smells like cow dung.

Worpswede, GermanyWorpswede, Germany

The surprising thing about Worpswede is that it’s quite an artsy place. In 1889, a bunch of artists escaped the busyness of Bremen and moved there. Since then, the village has become known for it’s art culture. The first generation of artists in Worpswede sought the light in the area, rural motives and the landscape. Last but not least, they were looking for a simple life, a rural idyll, close to nature.

Worpswede, Germany

The café “Kaffee Worpswede” became a highly frequented venue for artsy people. Impressionism, expressionism and the Jugendstil were influential styles of art.

Worpswede, Germany

“Kaffee Worpswede” is one of several buildings in Worpswede that implemented remarkable and extraordinary ideas of architecture.

Worpswede, GermanyWorpswede, Germanyworpswede_germany_0566

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