Wrapping Things Up

My final day in Utah was bittersweet, but it was also productive.

Arms, Wes and I spent several hours in Downtown Salt Lake with two main items on our itinerary:

1. Play the piano at Nordstrom (which was part of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” exhibit at UMOCA)

2. Eat out for lunch

On the Tuesday we went piano hunting, we missed the piano located right across UMOCA because it overlapped on the map guide showing where all the pianos were. But we got to it.

We also had a buffet lunch at Tucanos Brazilian Grill, which costs about $14 per person. I wish I took more photos but I was busy eating 😛

Had a salad to start things off.

Then had a delicious ipanema shake to go along with the food.

I also ate two chicken hearts, which is a type of meat served at Tucanos. It took me awhile to put them into my mouth, but I eventually did. It tasted very irony. (They look like beans, don’t they?)

We spent the remainder of the day walking around nearby places, but one of my favorite locations of the day was the Energy Solutions Arena! (Where the Utah Jazz play!)

Energy Solutions Arena

Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. This is the Olympic Fountain.

Saw this Salt Lake UTah shirt at a kiosk. Lol.

City Creek

Meditating on the moon at Clark Planetarium

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