Destination appreciation: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Every year, Yosemite National Park attracts millions of visitors, and every year, that number goes up. Last year, it saw more than 5.2 million. The year before that, close to 4.3 million visitors came through.

It’s no surprise, though. No matter where you find yourself in Yosemite, the surroundings are gorgeous. A friend once told me that you don’t need to be a skilled photographer to capture breathtaking shots of Yosemite: all you need to do is point your camera toward the landscape you want to shoot and press the shutter button. (Or tap the circle on your screen if you’re using a phone 😛 )

I agree. Of course, it definitely helps to have a camera that shoots high quality images and has manual functions so you can make adjustments depending on what kind of lighting situation you have to deal with. But overall, I think it’s a true statement.

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Because of how beautiful the entire park is, what’s nice about Yosemite is that it isn’t entirely necessary to do copious amounts of research on sights to see before visiting. It does help to know what the weather conditions are like, though, and it’s nice to do general research on what you can see at the park. But even if you come without an itinerary, it’ll be far from the end of the world: everything is a scenic view. You can hop into your car, drive around without a specific destination in mind, and you’ll probably come across a handful of places that you want to stop by and explore. If something looks like a spot you just want to look at, it’s so easy to pull over to the side of the road and do that.

Yosemite National ParkYosemite National Park Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park

Whether or not you’ve previously been to Yosemite, it’s unquestionably a national park worth visiting again and again.

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